33 Unfortunate Habits That Are Destroying Your Happiness

Like you, I want to feel fulfilled and happy in life.

However, lately I’ve been noticing that it’s all too easy to let our bad habits get in the way of being truly happy.

To make it easy for you to realize what you need to change in your life, here is a list of 33 unfortunate habits that we should all drop for a happier life.

1. Stop thinking you’re not good enoughRather, tell yourself that you are valuable, capable and worth it.

2. Stop being so hard on yourself Rather, allow yourself to make mistakes and realize that our mistakes bring us one step closer to success.

3. Stop being in a rush Rather, give yourself a little extra time and allow yourself to relax.

4. Stop being ungrateful Rather, count your blessings.

5. Stop thinking your problems are a part of youRather, realize that all challenges eventually come to pass and that they don’t define us.

6. Stop saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘NO!’Rather, Learn to say no and realize that you shouldn’t have to feel guilty for it.

7. Stop getting into relationships for the wrong reasons Rather, be honest with yourself and tell yourself you deserve the best.

8. Stop complaining about what you don’t have Rather, appreciate what you do have.

9. Stop getting offended Rather, listen to what people have to say and be humble.

10. Stop worrying about things you can’t control ­Rather, accept things the way they are and enjoy every moment.

11. Stop thinking that you are better than everyone else Rather, lift other people up.

12. Stop being afraid to take risks Rather, face your fears and allow yourself to grow as a person.

13. Stop surrounding yourself with negative people Rather, make friends with happy, positive people who bring the best out of you.

14. Stop being lazy Rather, find ways to be more active and motivated.

15. Stop letting other people push you around Rather, be assertive and confident in who you are and tell yourself that you are valuable and important.

16. Stop judging other people Rather, remember that everyone has their own story to be told.

17. Stop wasting your time on Facebook and watching TV Rather, go for a walk, meet a friend or do something you enjoy.

18. Stop holding grudges Rather, forgive before the sun goes down. Don’t let a day go by without letting go of bitterness.

19. Stop procrastinating your goals Rather, be proactive and start working towards your goals today.

20. Stop changing yourself for other people Rather, be proud and confident in who you are.

21. Stop belittling yourself Rather, tell yourself that you are valuable, smart, intelligent, funny, capable, important, beautiful and worthy.

22. Stop holding onto the past Rather, accept that what’s done is done, and make the most of the time you have left.

23. Stop being disorganized Rather, stay on top of the little things and tie up loose ends.

24. Stop leaving your house in a big mess Rather, put things away after using them! And tidy up a little bit every day.

25. Stop multi-tasking and trying to be overly productive Rather, choose what’s most important and do things more mindfully.

26. Stop comparing yourself to others Rather, remember that there will always be greater and lesser than yourself.

27. Stop depending on other people’s approval ­Rather, choose your own opinion of yourself over others.

28. Stop being a perfectionist Rather, tell yourself it’s okay to not always be number one.

29. Stop making excuses Rather, take responsibility for your feelings and choices.

30. Stop over-analyzing everything Rather, focus on the present and enjoy the moment.

31. Stop being inflexible and rigid Rather, be easy going and embrace spontaneity.

32. Stop avoiding change Rather, face your fears and make the most of your life.

33. Stop being stingy with your money Rather, choose to be generous and give with a happy heart.


Over to you…

We all have habits that we need to break from.

For me personally, I believe that I need to take more risks, stop over-analyzing, stop comparing myself to others and stop worrying about things I can’t control…and many more!

What unfortunate habits do you think you need to stop doing to be happier? Feel free to add to this list above.

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