4 Tips to Prevent Your Skin from Turning Green after Wearing Jewelry

Some certain metals that your jewelry is made of can make your fingers and wrists turn green. This happens due to the reaction of metal to your skin, oxygen, chemicals and other factors. For example, metal comes in contact with your perfume and sweat and turns your skin green.

Luckily, there’re a few steps to follow that can help you to deal with the issue.

Step 1: Never panic

Green stains are not dangerous or harmful. Do not panic or worry. If you see that after wearing a necklace the skin on your neck turns green, just replace the jewelry with another piece.

Step 2: Do not wear cheap jewelry

Cheap jewelry should be avoided. However, this tip is not easily followed. Not every lady can afford expensive stuff. Either avoid wearing items made from simple materials or save some money and buy fewer items for a greater price. They will serve you longer and will not leave behind green stains

Step 3: Keep skin dry

Metals should not come in contact with chemicals. The ingredients that your perfume, lotion or toner contain may cause various reactions. Remove your jewelry before taking a shower. Dry your skin well before putting your jewelry on. Remember to take your rings and chains off when you go to the swimming pool.

Step 4: Quick fix

Another option is to try and cover the item with transparent nail varnish. Let the varnish dry well and wear your favorite jewelry. The coating will prevent the metal from oxidizing. This trick works with all kinds of metals, including copper, gold and silver.

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