5 Wrong Body Language Signs to Avoid

If you consider yourself to be a smart and successful individual, you should always watch your body language. Here is what you must not do.

1. Having a sad expression delivers the message that you are unhappy by people surrounding you. This is how others may interpret your body language. Avoid it if you do not want to disappoint people around you. Smiling is the only way to deal with people, especially those you are not very close with. Strangers who do not yet know you want to see the best traits of your character and your friendly nature.

2. It’s sometimes very difficult or even impossible to control your facial expression. Even if you are good at controlling your words and what you say, then your eyes, smile and hands can tell the other person what’s going on in your head. Make sure that your words do not contradict your facial expression. Relax and do not feel nervous since it will only worsen the situation. A friendly smile is very powerful. Slow down if you feel you are at a loss.

3. If you want the conversation to be pleasant and successful, remember that maintaining eye contact is an essential part of a good relationship. If you avoid eye contact, people might think that you are lying to them. It indicates that you are not a very trustworthy person. Be sincere and tell the truth and then it will be easier for you to look at the person you are talking to. This is an important point for business people as well as people you are trying to make friends with.

4. Staring at your watch or constantly checking the clock is impolite. It is disrespectful toward the person you are with. Do not demonstrate how impatient you are. This body sign means that you are indifferent to what the person has got to tell you.

5. Do not get too close to people. Some distance is needed for others to feel safe and secure. If you stand too close, it may send the wrong signals. Respect people’s personal space. Do all possible for them to feel as comfortable around you as possible.

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