Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World that will surely amaze You

Anyone who can afford themselves a yacht is definitely a wealthy individual. Having a yacht is one of the telltale signs that someone is rich, alongside sport cars, mansions and expensive hobbies.

The pleasure of having a private yacht is incomparable. Originally, people constructed yachts to embrace the life in the ocean. The rich people buy it to experience the priceless joy of sailing and spending several days in the ocean with the comfort of their own home. A yacht is a symbol of power and wealth.

Every yacht is designed in a unique way. The most expensive yachts are constructed for extremely wealthy personalities. The price of the yacht owned by a person defines how wealthy he is. Billionaires have their own uniquely designed vessels. Some of them don’t want to be named. Furthermore, the expenses involved with purchasing and maintaining these yachts ensure that only the wealthiest of individuals can buy one.

Here is a list of the 10 most expensive yachts that will surely amaze you.

1. The Streets of Monaco

This yacht is truly unique. The top of it resembles an amusement park and costs a cool $1 billion. While still under construction, the plans feature multiple helicopter pads, a go-cart track, and a ship deck that is meant to model the famed street races of Monaco. It also contains swimming pools, tennis courts, and even underwater ocean views. For anyone looking for the latest in yacht technology, check this out when it’s completed!

2. The Eclipse

This yacht is so expensive that valuations have ranged from $450 million to over $1.2 billion. Such a large aquatic mammoth is owned by a Russian billionaire. Manned constantly by over 70 crew members, this yacht even has its own private security system. It is designed to keep out intruders and even has the technology to stop people from taking pictures. It has multiple helicopter pads and even a private submarine.

3. The Dubai

Owned by one of the wealthiest individuals in the middle east, this yacht costs an eye-popping $350 million. Also called the Platinum 525, this ship is appropriately owned by the Sheik of Dubai. This yacht includes a swimming pool, a helicopter pad, a beautiful glass staircase, and even an indoor spa. This behemoth can hold over 100 guests and is one of the largest yachts in the world.

4. The Superyacht A

The name is fitting for this ship. Costing $323 million, another Russian billionaire purchased this one. With 14 guests and over 40 crew, it’s the interior that is truly mind-blowing. There are multiple swimming pools, a hanger for two further votes, and a luxurious master suite.

5. The Al Said

Making a leap up to $300 million, this boat is named after the Sultan of Oman. Featuring a powerful aluminum superstructure and traveling up to 22 knots, it can house over 70 guests and over 150 crew members. This yacht even has a concert hall inside just in case the passengers would like to hear a full orchestra.

6. The Dilbar

This yacht is proof that Russian businessmen target yachts for purchase also. Coming in at $263 million, this ship houses 47 crew members and is filled with the latest amenities. The living spaces are large and the yacht can house 20 guests each. Measuring over 100 meters long and 15 meters tall, this yacht is a giant.

7. The Al Mirqab

This yacht can be seen housing 24 guests on Mediterranean voyages during the summer. Costing $250 million, the Prime Minister of Qatar owns this yacht. It contains ten suites, a helicopter pad, a sun deck, a movie theater, and even a swimming pool. The owner’s suite is even more impressive.

8. The Lady Moura

Weighing in at $210 million, the cost certainly was driven up by the gold lettering on the side. Owned by a Saudi billionaire, this yacht was built in 1990. It houses over 30 guests with 60 crew members and is powered by two engines capable of generating 7,000 horsepower each.

9. The Seven Seas

Also costing $200 million, this yacht was built by Oceanco. Based out of the Netherlands, this aquatic house can house 12 guests in beautiful suites. Other features include a movie theater, helicopter pad, gym, and even an infinity pool.

10. The Rising Sun

At a cost of $200 million, it is hard to believe this yacht sits at number 10. For the same price, people can purchase skyscrapers, sports stadiums, and even some very successful businesses. This yacht features a helicopter pad, movie theater, basketball court, and wine cellar.

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